Rein Cut

Patented “Rein Cut” design between the ring and pinky fingers. This unique design removes the bulky seam and materials between your fingers to allow you to flex your fingers unrestricted and comfortably while maintaining sensitivity and control of your reins. US PATENT NUMBER 7,281,275

Super Grip

Super Grip is high quality synthetic grain leather that is designed to help increase your sensitivity control and grip of the reins. The material is breathable and permeates the perspiration from your skin out at the same time it is maintaining a perfect grip. Super Grip is machine washable.

Delta Grip

Delta Grip synthetic suede leather increases your sensitivity control and grip of the reins. This material was specially developed to be three times more durable and abrasion resistant than other brands of gloves, which increases the wear-life of the glove. Delta Grip is machine washable.


Micro-Tec is a specially developed synthetic leather. This material was designed to blend a very soft and lightweight fit with the technology of micro-porous holes for breathability and comfort. Letting perspiration out while preventing moisture and wind from entering the glove surface. Micro-Tec is machine washable.

Heritage Kevlar

Heritage Kevlar® is stronger than steel yet it was especially created for our Air-Flow Roping glove to feel as soft as cotton. Unlike traditional forms of Kevlar® material, Heritage Kevlar®is comfortable, contours to your hand, and feels like cotton. (US Patent pending) Like traditional Kevlar® materials, it has five times the strength of a steel wire of the same diameter, excellent resistantance to abrasion, fire, water and biological growth.


Designed to be breathable and permeate perspiration from your skin out, while maintaining a perfect grip.

Cabretta leather is the highest quality of leather available. This drum-dyed sheepskin leather is extremely soft and durable.

Our North American deerskin leather is thicker than our other leathers and still offers a comfortable butter soft feel.

Goatskin leather is one of the most durable leathers yet remains soft and flexible. Laboratory tests show that our goatskin leather is three times stronger than cowhide.

The warmest thin glove insulation available, even in damp conditions. It provides about 11/2 times the warmth of down, and about twice the warmth of other high loft insulation materials.

A blend of Nylon and Lycra, omni-directional stretch fabric that forms to the hand well and offers exceptional ventilation.

Coolmax® fabrics are designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate thus, keeping you feeling cool and dry.

Soft form fitting omni-directional stretch Nylon used for its ventilation and comfort characteristics.

An extremely versatile synthetic rubber which is soft, flexible and stretchable. Neoprene displays outstanding physical toughness and retains body heat.

Aromic polyamide fibers, consisting of synthetic polyamides, commonly woven into fabrics for cut, abrasion and heat resistance.