Proved: a man for a woman is primarily a wallet

They talked a lot about this and continue to talk, but now evidence has appeared. The Internet survey showed what, first of all, women want men.

The German dating portal conducted a survey among his “loners”, and the results were completely contradicting the principle “The nature of a loved one is important”.

Women were the only ones who believed that a man’s income was very important, and men with money are more attractive to them. Or, in other words, a woman cannot love a man whose income is lower than her. This thought prevails in women over 30 years old, while men, on the other hand, do not even care how much a woman earns.

What exactly did the survey results show?

The results of the survey showed that only 46 percent of single women will choose a man who earns much less than themselves. On the other hand, 75 percent of men surveyed said that money for them does not play any role and that the amount in the bank account of a woman would not in any way affect their decision.

Only a third of lonely women aged 30 to 44 are ready to contact a man who earns less than themselves. For women aged 20 to 29 years, this percentage is slightly higher, but is still below 50 percent.

Is the economic crisis to blame for such thinking?

Psychologist Lisa Fishbach explained the results of the survey as follows: “It is obvious that high social prestige is still very important when choosing a partner. Of course, high incomes are also high social prestige. However, in the days of economic instability, safety and social security play a very important role, especially for women who are in the family planning. ”

What does this mean for men?

Firstly, women do not think as negatively as it seems initially. And it is so clear that the contents of the men's wallet or the amount of money in a bank account are important for women, but women would not be women if they had no noble motives. Namely, the help of a man in his growth and development, for which they only want the best from the very beginning.

Secondly: despite the presence or absence of noble reasons, it is still worth paying attention to the fact that the money in itself is not an important factor when choosing a partner. Anyone can meet a predator that wants to use his money. Therefore, it individually depends on each man whether he will see in a potential partner only the caring mother of his children or a cunning fox that pursues his mercantile goals.

Thirdly: women, despite emancipation and a noticeably more important role in society and family, are still in a traditional division of social roles that existed 50 or more years ago, when the role of the breadwinner was attributed to men, and caring mothers and housewives - Women. So, some things will never change?